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Type & Grid: Reconstruct 1

Before beginning to design the new DPS layouts I listed my assets that I had to work with within the design, in order of type hierarchy and then the images I had available. 

Within this design I used the header to dominate the design and attract the reader's attention, the point size is extremely large in comparison to the size of the images and other type sizes. 

Within this design I have focused more on the role of typography rather than the role that images play to capture the readers attention. I have used lot's of white space around the heading to draw attention to the articles and also made the pull quote mirror the position and become the focus of the facing page, the pages almost mirror reflect each other within this design. 

Within this design I have widen the grid to have four main columns on each page of the DPS, having the 12 columns enables me to change the size of the columns to make the bigger or smaller where required, so with this design I have averaged out the columns to create 4 columns from a precious 12 columns by using 3 columns to create one larger column. 

The grid more heavily makes use of the grid as there is much more type within this design, therefore the design relies heavily on the grid to order and position the text within the lower half of the DPS. The image also demonstrates the flexibility of the grid as the text wraps around the proportions of the image yet remains within the rigid columns of the grid.

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