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It's Your Choice: Visualising Proverbs

This was perhaps one of the hardest of the proverbs to visualise, as both wisdom and wonder are hard to visualise with imagery, I have therefore tired to consider more metaphorical meaning within the imagery I have explored such as the tree and the stairs to the door so wisdom. However out of all of the design the hands I think are most effective as the hand imagery symbolise the opens hands wanting (wonder) and the closed hand symbolising the wisdom that has been gained from wonder. 

These designs are perhaps the most fun and comical of the proverbs as many of the design focus on god handing down this nut, and comical image, however I feel this may cheapen my design and lose the sense of quality i want to create in my product. These I think the stark yet simple contrast between the nut and cracked nut works most effectively here. The composition also work well with the proverb in the middle, this could be something carried across into the final design of the packaging, to bring the series together as a set. 

Within these designs I have relied on existing imargery that we associate with positive and negative like the + and - symbol, however I have considered the face as an expression of positivity and negativity, as the face is what is used to express these emotions, I think that design is the most successful as the other designs are similar and have been done before.  

There was room for me experimentation within this proverb, although the proverb mentions stepping stones I have also explored other visualisation of what the proverb actually means, many of the designs are focused around this idea of a movement and graviton from failure towards success. The stepping stone imagery I still feel is the most effective as it represents a human journey (the balloons are a path not taken by humans), which is the primarily goal of this proverb. 

I have explored the use of type more within these designs to visual the proverb using typography rather than image, or image and type. The ladders work effectually in it represents the stand up and progressing further but not signify the falling down, however the chair I think does this is a simple yet comical way, I think it is the most effective is shows a clear contrast between the two chair, but also everyone is aware chair should stand up and not be fallen down, there instilling this motivation into my audience through the proverb and the imagery. 

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