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It's Your Choice: Developing Imagery Digitally

I initially explored a range of typefaces that could be used to communicate the proverb, my main ideology behind typeface choice was a heritage, serif typeface, which would give the design prestige and create a sense of quality. Furthermore this would also communicate more effectively to an older target audience. 

Using my design sheets I translated some of my hand drawn ideas into illustrator and began to experiment with the most effective designs. I considered the style of illustration I would use for the imagery, I explored thicker, filled in illustrations that were simple and also a outlined illustration style. After comparing the two sets of imagery I felt the line drawing were more effective, as they were more subtle and less obtrusive to the rest of the design. The line drawn illustration worked well with the composition of the packaging whereas the solid, filled in illustration made the design heavy and overpowered the typographical proverb. 

Additionally I explored with ways to draw the user eye towards the proverb as this is the primary piece of information being communicated and the imagery is secondary. However the outlines box separated the composition so I decided to use lines to space the content - which created a vertical flow to the packaging. 

I explored colours schemes and how different colours worked as a set and on their own, the initial colours I choose didn't effectively communicate well as a series as they are all very individual tones, I therefore decided to worked with a closer colour palette, the colours I chose were also more representative of the fruits, nuts and seeds packaged inside again creating another visual aid that communicates the contents of the packaging. 

I experimented with composition and positioning of the chair to most effectively communicate the falling and standing of the chair. i decided to use the design on the left as I felt this more accurately portrayed a falling chair, whereas the other design looks awkward and unnatural. 

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