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It's Your Choice: Developing & Testing the Net

I created a net using Adobe illustration, the net was a basic template that when printed would from a net which could then be made into the inner box, however to ensure the dimensions were correct and the net fitted together and worked correctly I printed a prototype of the net to test how successful it was and if any changes needed to be made.
The net for the inner box, is too small to fit inside the outer sleeve, to calculate the dimensions I made the net 2mm smaller than the outer net on each side, however it was a too much of a decrease in size, therefore the net needed to made 1mm bigger on each side to create a tighter fit between the sleeve and inner box.
Additionally the tab system I designed simply didn't work effectively they didn't fit together well and left an unclean and untidy corner to the inner box, the shape of these tabs needed to be changed. 
Furthermore the positioning of the slit in which will guide me where to cut a line for the ribbon is positioned on the wrong side of the net and needs to be on the side behind the one shown above. 
I took the net back into illustrator to make the needed changes for the net to functionally more effectively, most notably is the change to the shape of the tabs which should now fit together more easily and leave a crisp and clean edge to the inner box.

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